Built-in windows WGL driver

I have added a native win32 WGL driver (i.e. you do not need libSDL anymore to run UFO applications under Windows). It's in the 0.7.2 release.

-- Johannes Schmidt

Screen shot of an upcoming UFO app.

I am working on a demonstration project for libUFO. It is a UFO port of lightspeed!. I have added a screen shot of the port in its early development state (this screen shot also shows two new widgets: ULineEdit - I have readded a single line text widget, and UCheckBoxMenuItem - an selectable menu item).

Furthermore, I have updated the download and release section as the backends are not needed anymore.

-- Johannes Schmidt

Updated GLUT backend. Some changes to the website.

Finally, there is a full working GLUT backend. Download it from the LibUGT page. It has been tested undex GNU/Linux/X11 with g++-3.3.

Some changes to the XML/XSL website creation. Added quick-downloads.

-- Johannes Schmidt

New screen shots

Yes, this project is still actively developed. I have added two interesting screen shots.

Version 0.6.4 will probably be released next week.

-- Johannes Schmidt

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