Readded forum, CVS update

I've readded the sourceforge forums.

I have imported the UFO 0.6.2 release candidate in the CVS tree (snapshots here). Unfortunately, I do not have access to MS VC++ 6 at the moment, so the msvc 6 project files are not yet updated. If there are any volunteers for updating those project files, please email me.

-- Johannes Schmidt

Website update and a new screen shot

I've made some updates to the website (using more CSS instead of tables). Furthermore, I've added a new screen shot of the upcoming combo box.

-- Johannes Schmidt

New screen shots, info update

There are two new screen shots, which look a bit nicer than most of the old ones.

The next UFO version is 0.6. There are several new features like a new font renderer, a new look and feel and UFO properties. You can set/get various properties via the toolkit of environment variables (e.g. look and feel, font, font/data directories, home dir, tmp dir, ...).

Additionally there will be a new X11 backend for libufo.

-- Johannes Schmidt

New website online

I've updated the website. The new website is rendered via XML/XSL and is based on the GPL'ed fresco framework from Alexander Johannessen. The source will be available soon.

-- Johannes Schmidt

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