These are instructions for the configuration, building, and installation of the LibUFO.


First you will have to check whether you have alle Dependencies installed to compile LibUFO. LibUFO itsself depends only on OpenGL and the C++ STL (Standard Template Library), but Backends usually depend on further librariers.


The recommend way is to download on of the releases in the download section and choose your preferred Backend. You can also use the current CVS version.

Configuration and Building

In case you use the CVS version, you have to step into the toplevel directory ('ufo-0.5'), and call ./, to generate configure scripts and helper files.

The following are the traditional build steps

make install (as root)


Most backends provide some example files in a test directory.


There are several ways to report bugs and problems:

If you think you have found a bug, please submit it at the Bug tracker

If you have any problems at compiling or installing LibUFO, you can send an email to the appropriate Mailing lists or send me privately an email.

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