Dependencies and prerequisites

LibUFO has been successfully compiled on Linux 2.4.x (x86, XFree86 4), as well as Windows ME.

g++ version >= 3.2.*
LibUFO is regularly compiled with g++-3.2. Any other ISO compliant compiler should work well.

at least one of these renderers is necessary to run the display server
Mesa version >= 3.4.0
OpenGL version >= 1.1

all of the following are needed
pkg-config version >= 0.12.0
Pkg-Config is used for configuring packages which depend on LibUFO (e.g. Backends). It is not necessarry at run-time. Tor Lillqvist provides windows binaries at Download "libiconv", "gettext-runtime", "glib" and "pkgconfig" and unpack them into your MinGW directory.

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