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Q:What is it?

A: A high level and platform-independent GUI for OpenGL.

Q:What is the latest version?

A: Till now, there is no stable release.
You can grab the last CVS snapshot from the sourceforge servers or try an experimental development version.

Q:Where can I get it?

or : sourceforge download.

Q:How to uninstall

A: If you have compiled libUFO yourself, go to the libUFO source dir and call
make uninstall

If there are any errors while uninstalling, you can remove the installed files (see above) yourself, but be warned: NO Warranty for any errors which are caused by this removal.

Q:Can I integrate LibUFO in an existing appliaction?

A: Yes, you can use a plain UFO context without having to use UFO frames. This way you can paint UFO GUIs into your existing application. In this case you have to send key and mouse events yourself.

There are two examples (using SDL respectively Glut) in the test directory of UFO releases.

Q:Can I use libUFO in a commercial application?

A: Yes, but then you have to dynamically link with libUFO. See the License

Q:Can I cook coffee with it?

A: So far, there is no coffee cooking modul implemented. If you want such a feature, send my a patch and I will include it in the CVS tree.

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