LibUFO: Universal Form Objects

LibUFO is a C++ core library for forms respectively graphical user interfaces (GUI). It is mainly used as OpenGL GUI toolkit.

Most standard components (buttons, labels, menus, combo boxes, tab widgets, internal frames etc.) are included.

Visual output is customizable via CSS (cascading style sheets) and style classes. Forms can be created via XUL (XML User interface Language, used by Firefox).

There are three built-in video drivers (using GLX/X11, WGL/Win32, respectively LibSDL) which are selected and loaded at run-time. You may also create your own backend or use a dummy driver to include libUFO widgets into an already existing OpenGL context.

Using the dummy driver, libUFO is known to work with SDL, Glut, QT and GLFW.

Using UniGrob, libUFO is going to support both, OpenGL and Direct3D 9 in future.

LibUFO is developed by volunteers, using free software, and released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Latest news
2005-09-19 3rd party Applications
2005-07-05 snapshots
2004-09-24 Built-in windows WGL driver
Latest release
2005-10-29 0.8.4

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