libUFO 0.8 Remarks

Johannes Schmidt


This article contains some remarks on drawing and othe UFO internals which might be of interest for more complex applications.

Table of Contents

1. Short introduction
What is libUFO
Hello, World! example
2. Getting started
Before creating widgets.
Initializing libUFO.
Connection to the windowing system.
Setting up a UFO window.
UFO in custom OpenGL windows.
Creating our first widget.
Running a UFO application.
The main loop
The main loop for custom windows
3. UFO architecture
4. UFO input handling
5. Remarks for OpenGL drawing
OpenGL init
OpenGL projection
OpenGL custom drawing
Drawing within paintWidget(UGraphics*)
Drawing outside of the libUFO hierarchy.
6. Integrating libUFO in existing applications
Custom OpenGL contexts
7. XML and CSS introduction
Xul files
CSS files

List of Examples

1.1. Hello, World!
2.1. Loading a specific video driver
2.2. Creating a 640x480 sized UFO window
2.3. Custom OpenGL windows
2.4. Your first UFO widget
2.5. A UFO main loop
2.6. A UFO main loop for custom windows
5.1. How to do custom OpenGL drawing
6.1. Custom OpenGL contexts